Masjin V. 1.7

* New class, the engineer! Stand still and press Z to open his own special fabricator. Since there are no other downsides but increased price, I imagine they’ll need some balancing. But hey, they’re here anyhoo.
* Moved the turret healing ability from cybermasons to engineers.
* Fixed a couple weird bugs.
* The game now shows information about the gamemode as you join.
* You can leave a buy menu just by clicking anywhere.
* There was a really easily exploitable builder glitch that allowed basically unlimited griefing; fixed that and trying it again makes you suicide so don’t even try!
* Fixed a really dumb bug about money. Protip: when you send signed bytes remember to check if the value sent is between -128-128!



  1. oldman says:

    As of 1.5, I can’t run this on Linux (Wine)… unless something else is going on. It indefinitely tries to connect to the server but doesn’t get in. Any feedback? :-(

    • Hempuli says:

      I can’t really help here. You mean it’s unable to get even to the lobby? I haven’t really changed anything regarding the first connection, so I really don’t know what could’ve happened.

  2. oldman says:

    It’s fixed. Disregard. Thank heavens, because I was going through withdrawal.
    Saw your No More Sweden talk. Interesting, but it seemed like you didn’t really flesh out the concepts… and curse you for going over the alloted time limit!

  3. AnS says:

    My notes on v1.07

    OK, engineer is quite different class, but he should have more items available. In fact, I propose the idea: make engineer melee fighter (like ninja, but with normal health and red crowbar), and allow buying items for its normal price, so that engineers can buy Rockets whenever thay wish to shoot. This will open more room for quirky strategies.

    Also it would be more convenient to open fabricator without the need to stand still. What’s the purpose of this restriction anyway? It only makes playng pace less fun. When playing as engineer I noticed how difficult it is to open the fabricator mid-battle. You should allow opening it while holding some directional button (of course engineer will automatically stop while buying, but I’m talking about ease of controls here).

    Loyalty Chip still costs 40, it should cost no much than 10.

    BTW, shouldn’t engineers be able to break locks even faster than scientists?
    But turret healing should be slower, as it can be OP in some situations.

    That new info screen (when joining a game) is kinda annoying. I’ve read the info once, now I want to start playing ASAP. Uh, at least make it possible to start the game by pressing any key, not just with mouse.

    Bug: Sometimes when I close engineer’s fabricator by clicking anywhere, item icons don’t disappear, although I can walk and shoot like usual.

    Small nitpick: byte value should be between -128 – 127. Value of +128 requires either Short (2bytes) or Unsigned Byte (0 – 255).

  4. Luan says:

    Itens made by the enginner should have no increased price, having to wait a few seconds to make the itens would be better, this way you can make a new upgrade to lower the building time or just put together with the block builder one.

  5. Vauat says:

    im back from holidays… and found a bug in the newest version :D
    if you open the menu of the engineer and click on a field where normally(in the fabricatory menu) is a item, the menu will close but the item fields remain :D
    so that was it.
    Greets, Vauat

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