-A little tutorial-like thing added. It’s a bit empty at the moment, I need to add more stuff to it.
-Mucus grenade buffed a lot!
-Hand tele made ninja-cloakable
-Fixed lots of small bugs and a couple bigger ones!
-Added a nice little tooltip to the shop screen to give a bit of information about the items.
-Removed that dumb level type.
-In ore race, a team earns 5 ore by killing someone in the opposing team.


  1. AnS says:

    Nice tooltips in the shop.
    Here’s another usability advices: allow buying items without exiting (for example, left-click = buy&exit, right-click = buy), because when player wants to buy 2 or more items (like Jetpack and Speed+) he is forced to switch from keyboard to mouse several times, especially if new item appears right where player is standing: then player must first take the item (Z), throw it away (Z), enter shop again (Z). This takes too much time, sometimes it’s critical.

    Actually, I’d remove “BACK” button from shops and instead allow quitting by clicking anywhere outside items. Because sometimes when you’re buying stuff suddenly an enemy runs near and starts shooting at you – in such cases it’s not easy to quit shop quickly (because you start panic, and oh where is that EXIT button, it’s so small and not often used, and here you were just thinking about buying, and now you desperately think that maybe you should just exit by buying an item, and then WTF you notice you’re already dead).
    Also allow quitting shops by pressing Z.

    BTW, I hope you didn’t forget about encouraging people to dig. Maybe there should be some extended statistics: Kills/Death/Earns, so that people who devote their time to digging are also rewarded.

  2. Steel Ken says:

    The shop (engineering) idea is not bad I think, neither the digging idea :P
    Few days ago I got nearly all the minerals underground in a score game, and then my teammate said that I suck because of my 4 deaths 1 kill…
    Oh well, I just ignore them :P

  3. AnS says:

    Another couple of suggestions.
    1. There should be some piercing weapon (bullets going through walls), like in many old-school platformers. It can be either limited weapon like Rockets (but with much more shots) or it can be a buff like Speed+.
    2. That laser cannon at top of the base needs better controls. Reduce rotating speed 2x to allow precise aiming, but also make it possible to rotate 4x faster when player holds JUMP button. Also maybe you should change control scheme to more conventional one: Left/Right rotates angle, Up/Down increases/decreases camera view. This way players would also be able to peek at long distances (at least to see what’s there in Central Room).
    3. Actually maybe it’s about time to round up adding new features and think more about polishing. For example, this “win/lose” screen appears too suddenly, players need time to realize winning situation, read last chatlog posts and compare final statistics. Also screen transitions could have alpha fade effects and so on.

  4. Steel Ken says:


    A button to stand still so you can aim without moving could be handy.
    (Now I hold left and right, but then you can only shoot left)

  5. AnS says:

    I think anymore buttons would be overkill for average players. In fact, even 3 buttons (jump, shoot, use) are too much for some less hardcore people nowadays.

    BUT here’s how it could work right now: when player doesn’t have an item, then holding Z should work as “fix current shooting angle”, so you can shoot back whild running away, or shoot up while walking.
    This feature would add some power to less-armed players, e.g. a player without jetpack now will have a bit more chances to win over an enemy with jetpack.

    BTW, when suggesting dashing buff, I meant dashing by tapping directional button twice, not by using 4th “dash” button.

  6. Hempuli says:

    That’s really ace!

    I’ll probably implement piercing bullets, but that takes some fiddling so maybe later.

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