What, a new project? No way!

So, the TIGsource community has hosted a 2-month game creation compo, with theme ‘Versus’. The idea is to make a competitive multiplayer game. I have been fiddling with network code lately, so this theme seemed pretty well-fit for my current interests. Sorry guys, I’ll put IaFC and BtBH on hold until this compo is over!

Anyway, my game doesn’t have a proper name yet (Masjin is a possibility), but it’s a team combat game with flavours from TF2 and Minecraft. There are four classes, and each has its own pros and cons. Both teams also have a wide variety of machines and gadgets at their disposal, thus bringing more flavours to the battle. The idea of the game is to capture and then protect an artifact for a set time, while preventing the other team from getting it.

The game’s still quite buggy and needs a good computer to run due to my unoptimized code, but we’ve had quite some fun with it these past few days. Do drop in, you whoever are reading this!

The newest version is always here!

Some pics:

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  1. Bob says:

    Oh snap, it’s like TF2 only…different!

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