“Weekly” progress post #95: Sorry about this!!

So yeah, my ability to stream weekly has been superbly bad for a while now. Unfortunately it’ll probably get worse before it gets betterm what with the upcoming GDC and so on! I’ll try to do better, believe me!

In any case, today’s stream was very active and productive! I finally divided the game’s map into sub-areas containing thematically similar levels (example above). This has been on the to-do list for a while now but because I’m sure there are several bugs with the sub-map system still & I’ve had to have a testable version available I haven’t dared to really get to it. A quick test already turned up several bugs, although nothing too serious. Once this map system is stable enough, I’ll start laying down the final theming of the levels, sculpting the “main” map and implementing missing features (for example locks that require a certain amount of completed levels to open). Also more music!

Here’s a teaser of an underwater-themed song I made:


  1. screeg says:

    Just found out about Baba Is You and I love it! Can’t wait for the full release. Music is also great.

    Will the final release have controller support? It looks like a really relaxing experience to sit back on the couch and play.

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