Weekly progress post #91: Paths

Today’s stream was slightly aimless & quiet, but I feel that I still got a whole lot done.

I started work on custom object sprites; the idea is that in the finished game the player can make levels with custom objects, and part of this system is the ability to change their spriting. This feature makes also my own work easier, because with it I can make themed levels without having to hard-code every object.

The other big thing tonight was the implementation of “paths”, i.e. routes that connect levels together, seen in the gif above. I’ve always really liked Super Mario World/3 maps and hopefully these new paths allow making more appealing and compositionally sound maps. The idea is that I’ll divide the current large map into several sub-maps, so there is well enough space for a little aesthetical polish like this.

I think I’m only 2 updates behind now?


  1. Dwight says:

    Is ESA2 on hold for the baba game?

    • Hempuli says:

      Yeah; I should be able to get back to ESA2 next Spring, once Baba’s in a more complete state. Don’t worry though, I’ve made some plans for ESA2 too so as long as I haven’t completely forgotten everything about it the return should be pretty smooth :)

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