Weekly progress post #90: World map

I hadn’t slept much last night so I was extremely tired at the beginning of the stream. However I managed to persevere, and as a prize for that I got some of Baba’s map stuff actually working! There’s a lot of polish to be added and big features still missing, but I think I have a good idea of in which direction I want to go with the visual design here. I also managed to re-implement the old map in the new map system, which is good for getting a new playable build out.

What worries me somewhat is that there’s some kind of a bug in the level editor; after a while of using it the game either crashes or something stops working. My guess is that I’ve accidentally forgotten to take some tiny lua thing into account and it then accumulates until problems arise, but as with the previous “nothing-works” bug, it’s always annoying to debug something that only happens after a while of playing.

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