Belated weekly progress post #82: Music??

I streamed for another time this week to catch up with missed streams (one left!) Two new colour palettes were added along with a tool for future trailer-making. I also ran into several really odd bugs that I’m surprised haven’t turned up earlier; luckily they were more about tracking where things go wrong rather than puzzling out how to ultimately fix them. I had noticed a rule inconsistency and dealt with that although that left me with a word I don’t know a good word for; “together” would be perfect but it’s a tad too long! :( Finally, I started working on some music for the game which is great because it’s been on the to-do list for a long time now! I have somewhat of a deadline coming in a week or so and would really want to get some music in before that.

We’re getting close to a trailer here, too! It’ll be super cool to have the game in a state where I can kind of “announce it”. :) Although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull doing such an announcement off…


  1. Cashew says:

    This is pretty old, and I don’t have any context, but how about ‘join’

  2. ncrecc says:

    Wait, if Baba Eat Empty, then what does empty turn into? Double-empty? Or does baba just “eat” the empty before replacing it with herself and leaving an empty behind?

    • Hempuli says:

      Essentially Baba sees that the tile ahead is empty, and since Empty Is Stop Baba usually can’t move there. However, since Baba can eat Empty, Baba realizes that they can in fact move there. They eat the empty and fill the space with themself, leaving more empty behind. Empty is treated as lack of things, so things can’t become more empty than empty. :)

      (Double-empty would be a way cool concept, though!)

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