Weekly progress post #71: Four new levels

A new word was added to Baba, and it turned out to allow for some pretty interesting levels; as the title says, I managed to create 4 new ones using this new word, which is really nice! Another new word was on the to-do-list, but I realized that I’ll have to ponder on how to implement it properly because some potentially problematic cornercases turned up. Some new decorative objects (and their respective words, of course) were also added; the plan is to differentiate the game’s map into various visually and mechanically (or difficulty-ally) distinct areas.

I had started a new room in ESA 2 but left it unfinished, so the stream ended with me finishing work on that room and some related story flag things. I’m very very close to the end of the final area, here, although the amount of things I’m not happy with is so long that I’m not sure if this is something to feel good about just yet!

The chat was very lively and encouraging today, thank you a lot! :)

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