Weekly progress post #68: Make

Today’s stream concentrated once again mostly on Baba Is You; a new word was added along with 3 new levels using said word, some colours were changed and I added more proper names for some levels. I ended up not naming all the levels on-stream since that would have spoiled them to some extent (although I’m not sure if anyone’s interested enough to check them out in more detail). I also added a new tutorial level + restructured the level map slightly.

In ESA 2 I added a little shortcut and a cutscene to go with it – there’s a lot of polish I’ve been thinking of, but I haven’t quite reached the level of motivation needed to pull off most of that. Nevertheless, this little addition was still better than nothing!!!

Baba Is You will probably need another art pass before being finished, but there’s only a little bit of stuff to add before I’m happy enough with it to let some testers have a go at the game. It’d be nice to be able to enter a stage where I’m not adding more content but polishing the existing stuff & adding quality-of-life things such as menus and whatnot sometime soon.


  1. jerry says:

    First off loved esa…after reading on reddit esa2 was in development i was immediately transporter to your dev page, where i found your other project baba is you…just wondering with your puzzle making skills and metroidvania chops have you ever consider shooting for an openworld topdown zelda styled game?

    • Hempuli says:

      Thanks a lot! I’ve definitely had plans for both open-world & Zelda-style games and even started some projects like those, but especially open-world is tough not to get overambitious with and I guess I’d need a full team of game developers to pull off a proper open-world game. I’ve had plans for less ambitious Link’s Awakening -style games over the years but nothing has yet come out of those. We’ll see! It’d probably be a good idea to finish ESA 2 before I start another large exploration-based game, though.

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