Weekly progress post #66: Emptiness

In today’s stream I spent way too long just playing ESA 2, trying to gather all the powerups (and bumping to annoying things, unfinished content and being just generally unhappy about many aspects of the game). Two new rooms were added along with some fixes and a new neutral critter, but I really need to figure out things to make the game feel more lively and/or interesting. It doesn’t help that there’s still a ton of things to get done! I’ve tried to add things quickly with the mindset that I’ll come back later to adjust them, but at this point the general unfinishedness of everything is starting to become a factor that makes development slower. :(

At the start of the stream I also implemented some stuff for Baba Is You. I still feel much more like working on Baba than ESA 2, but I should probably force myself to work more on the latter just to get forward. At least Baba doesn’t have quite as annoying design-related problems (although a whole bunch of design issues of its own). Still, I’m pretty sure I can get Baba done in a reasonable amount of time!


  1. Ian says:

    Sorry you’ve hit a rough patch on ESA 2. I haven’t commented before, but I thought I should just to offer some moral support. ESA 1 is one of my favorite games of its ilk, and I eagerly await the sequel. I’m sure you’ll iron out the issues.

    • Hempuli says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I made some notes about how I could improve the aspects that feel lackluster and I think I have some pretty neat ideas for how to adjust things for the better. :) Most of them are definitely in the realm of polishing that shouldn’t be worried about just yet but I feel that getting some areas to feel very good could be beneficial for motivation, even if that included some extra work.

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