Research Outpost update!

As is standard, the news get to this blog somewhat late, but YEAH!!!! the update is now here. It contains a new area, new bosses, new secrets and new new new new

Go to Steam and BUY THE GAME if you haven’t already! Thank you.


  1. andrei says:

    I just want to say Thank you! for creating such an amazing game. I was looking at buying Axiom Verge but they do not have a DRM free version so I never purchased it (I do not use Steam) but I came across the trailer for your game on Humble and I purchased your game there on June 26th and could not stop playing it until I finished the main story (normal difficulty). I have been meaning to go back and try the extra content but haven’t yet. I noticed today that there is an update for the game and just downloaded it and I can’t wait to play the game again. Thank you for releasing the update DRM free and not only on Steam! Also, thank you for the extra in game tracks that you released. I will buy the soundtrack just to show my support. Amazing game and soundtrack.

  2. Matt says:

    Hey man, I love your game! I came across this post while I was googling for help with it, decided to drop a comment. It’s so difficult, but it’s really been helping me deal with my depression since I feel so accomplished every time I move ahead. It kicks my butt pretty hard, but it’s truly great to beat something as impossible as Overgrowth after three hours play time.

    And the soundtrack is just wonderful! Thanks for making such a great game, dude!

    • Hempuli says:

      Hi! Thanks a lot for the compliments, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the game! Also it’s great that the high difficulty has felt rewarding rather than frustrating, and very cool that you’ve felt such a positive effect by playing. :) I’ll pass your kind words to the composer, too!

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