Environmental Station Alpha is now on Humble Store!


I attended the Exile Game Jam 2015 last week, and it was tons of fun! I made a dumb mouse-based detector that can tell if any kind of a card is put into a slot. Had lots of saunas, ate surströmming and overall had a wonderful time. Thanks lot to Anchel for offering a place to sleep at!


  1. Sandra says:

    I got it from Huble Store now, and it works just like the demo, so playable but lots of these errors every second

    Action 119: _T(“Draw rectangle at (,) with size (,) and color , outline thickness , outline color “)
    Action 29: _T(“Select image “)
    Action 89: _T(“Blit onto image of Surface “)
    Action 114: _T(“Set blit source position to (,)”)
    Action 115: _T(“Set blit source dimensions to (,)”)
    Action 41: _T(“Set blit destination position to (,)”)
    Action 66: _T(“Set blit destination dimensions to (,)”)

    Many games works perfectly in Wine, so I’d if ESA can get Gold support in Wine, then no point in recoding the entire game engine. Or at least until Valve’s SteamBox goes on sale =)

    Sounds good with a family friendly platform’er =) ESA reminds me of the C64 where everything on till Creatures came along were cute =)

    Btw. Lots of malware downloads are now on Youtube with titles like “Environmental Station Alpha Free Download”. Just search for “Environmental Station Alpha” and sort by date. All of them started a week ago.

    • Hempuli says:

      Interesting that wine can show the errors with such precision! :O we’ve been really busy with other stuff lately but I’ll try to get back to the linux support soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to tweak things some. Thanks a lot for investigating this!

  2. Sandra says:

    Just two quick bonus questions =)

    The demo runs fine in wine, there is just a lot of latency, so the robot is pretty dificult to navigate, but I can live it it until a real Linux version is available =)

    Are the versions from Steam and HumbleBundle exactly the same binary, or is one more likely to work in Wine than the other?

    Some of the bosses are a bit disturbing (blood and scary eyes and such). Have it been considered to make a “No disturbing images” option, so small kids can play the game? (I prefer cute platform games =) )

    • Hempuli says:

      Glad to hear you got it working on Wine (at least to some extent)! The Steam & Humble Store versions are identical, so no luck there. :( We’re going to try something akin to Wine when it comes to the Linux version, so it’s a bit disconcerting to hear that there may be such problems ahead.

      As for the disturbing elements, I’m afraid that I’d have to change quite a big part of the game in order to make it suitable for that, since apart from the bosses there are a lot of references to death and suffering etc., including some very crucial plot elements. I kind of want to make some future games more family-friendly, though :)

  3. Sandra says:

    Would it be difficult to make a Linux version?

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